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Fun Home Design Blogs

The blogosphere is full of great blogs on every conceivable subject regarding your home, whether is DIY projects, design, home improvement, green home, energy efficiency….Here is a list of blogs dedicated to decorating, design and architecture that are worth a look if you’re thinking of change.

Inhabitat is “devoted to the future of design, tracking innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.”

Dwell: From the publishers of the popular magazine dedicated to affordable modern design is a website dedicated to providing resources and a further look into some of the magazine’s articles. “At Dwell, we’re staging a minor revolution. We think that it’s possible to live in a house or apartment by a bold modern architect, to own furniture and products that are exceptionally well designed, and still be a regular human being.”

Fresh Home: A blog dedicated to design and architecture, it presents you with the latest news in architecture and design, furniture and news from the design world.

The Mogg Blog: The Mogg Blog is to the interior design world what The Daily Show is to real news; a tonic to all the serious design stuff out there. These bloggers know how to poke fun at “art.”


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