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Glass Enclosures Turn Small Baths Grand

A glass shower door brings light and transparency to any space

While shower curtains can add flair to your bathroom, they aren’t always ideal for smaller spaces or a more streamlined look. Enter the glass shower door: it immediately makes a room feel more spacious, modern, and clean. They’re also easy on upkeep—a quick swipe with a squeegee and you’re good to go. These glass panels come in a variety of styles, can be framed with metal or rimless for a “floating” look, and can be fixed, sliding, or made to swivel on a hinge. Take a look below for some of our favorite bathroom renovations.

Here the homeowners found they needed to retain a glass panel at the end of their tub to prevent water from splashing out. A black-rimmed pane was a chic solution that complements the rest of their matte black fixtures while adding some contrast to the bright white subway tile.

The frameless partition and hinged glass shower door here are perfect for allowing light from the window into the rest of the bath.

This bathroom features two glass panels, one on hinges that enables the pane to swivel, the other a fixed panel at the end of the tub.

With walls on three sides, this shower would have felt confining without the visual airiness of the glass. The transparency also shows off the interior’s gorgeous marble tile.

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