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Timber vanities can cope with your wet bathroom

The bathroom is traditionally the starkest space in any home filled with materials such as tiles, glass, mirror, ceramics and polished concrete. Adding timber to the space, whether it be a vanity, shaving cabinet or shelving, always adds warmth and that spa-like sense of luxury.

The biggest question that we get from people in regards to timber vanities is how does timber last in the bathroom? The short answer is this — in most homes the dining table gets a way tougher workout than the vanity ever will and it has the same finish. If the table surface can handle spag bol without getting stained, the vanity can handle a little water!

Vanities are usually created from materials such as laminate and melamine. The great thing about these materials is that being plastic, they are completely impenetrable to water. Once these surfaces are scratched however, the barrier is gone and water will quickly destroy the surface.

With the natural oil and wax finish we use, the water resistant oils are absorbed into the timber making the protection deeper than just the surface. The added benefit of an oil finished solid timber vanity in comparison to the alternatives is that if a scratch does occur, the surface is fixable with a light sand and reapplication of oil.

In our experience with clients, whether they are renovating or building, freedom of choice is vital in creating the perfect bathroom. Having your timber vanity custom-made ensures that it can be created to the exact measurements needed for your space, basin and tapware.

If, for example, the space you have available between two walls is 1378mm, then we can create your piece to these exact measurements. The storage space with also be optimized to suit your unique needs whether it be shelves, drawers, cupboards or a combination. We have had clients measure their largest bottle so we can create the drawers at the perfect height.

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